Kalle bowls     

2019   Installation

Twenty round-bottomed bowls installed in a derelict underground building. The bowls were positioned to catch dripping water from the ceiling. Being tipped and broken when birds came into the space, perched on the rim and drank from the collected water.
Part of the group exhibition Kalle (meaning slope) in ISFAG (Installation, Sculpture and Photography department’s Autonomous Gallery) with artists Nele Tiidelepp, Kristina Mirjam Villand, Lorna Phillips, Johannes Luik, Noy Hood, Riin Maide, Anita Moser, Stefano Matozzi and Andrea Albanese.


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Lorna Phillips is an emerging artist, graduated in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art.
Based in Leadhills, Scotland. Working primarily with the material of clay.

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