Lorna Phillips’ research-based practice excavates traces of material culture and social history by journeying into the biographies of the land. Acts of collecting and re-distributing are led by an urge to discover the artist’s surroundings. The material of clay provides the path into the landscape and what it holds. Lorna intends to delve into the stories that certain places hold; within their communities and their long histories, and within the land itself, its formation. These stories are discovered through archaeology, heritage and geology. The sourcing of the materials that form the works, the physical journeys involved in this process are key to the artist’s practice. Lorna hopes to find an understanding of connection between people and place, forming expressions of the earth that supports us as being our inheritance and so our foundation, our beginning and our end.



Email: lorna.phillips1708@gmail.com
Phone: +44 7775808202
Instagram: lorna_.phillips

Lorna Phillips is an emerging artist, graduated in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art.
Living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Working primarily with the material of clay.

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