Letter 11 3 20

2020    Pen on paper

S03E02 group exhibition with Gallery 7:069 at Layer House, Kranj, Slovenia.

Exhibitors: Peter Ferlan, Valerija Intihar, Johanna Locher, Maruša Mazej, Sangara Perhaj, Lorna Phillips and Lea Topolovec
Curator: Ajda Ana Kocutar

Excerpt from the exhibition catalogue, written by Ajda Ana Kocutar:
(Transalted from Slovenian)

“Lorna Phillips delves into the power of personal confession, interpersonal relationships and interaction through letter writing. It is a personal act that requires the author to be honest with herself, which in itself can cause tension, which is even stronger in light of the fact that the letter lands on the gallery wall, offered for anyone to read, even if the artist writes it with specific addressees in mind. Private and public collide here, and the first to be hit is perhaps the "integrity" of the writing itself, despite the fact that we can probably never really achieve it. The content of the letter will be a surprise for visitors as well as for the curator and organisers of the exhibition. Whether or not it will be surprising will depend on our own understanding, assumptions or preconceptions about relationships and how we communicate in them.”

“S03E02, this year's exhibition of the pop up gallery 7:069, brings together works of art connected by the idea of a small gesture, insignificant in relation to the world, which revolves on fixed rails, but at the same time persistently calls the individual to personal engagement, imposes personal responsibility and shifts its weight. The exhibiting artists subtly intervene in this world with their works, commenting on it and highlighting its contradictions. It is not a question of radical moves, but of minimal changes that allow reflection of the individual's position in a world saturated with demands, appeals and information. Peter Ferlan, Valerija Intihar, Johanna Locher, Maruša Mazej, Sangara Perhaj, Lorna Phillips and Lea Topolovec study in different artistic fields, and this exhibition will be just as diverse in media, ranging from video and photography to zine and sculpture.”


Exhibition Catalogue (in Slovenian):


Photography by Masa Pirc

Prelude video, shared via social media, as a series of abstract introductions to each artist’s practice and as a way of sharing fragments of the exhibition during the pandemic to those who were not able to travel.


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Phone: +44 7775808202
Instagram: lorna_.phillips

Lorna Phillips is an emerging artist, graduated in Sculpture from Edinburgh College of Art.
Based in Leadhills, Scotland. Working primarily with the material of clay.

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